Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thomas Dekker Interview on TSCC Season 3

The youtube interview I link to below has an interview with Dekker where he reveals what some of the plans for season 3 were.

Sounds pretty amazing.

1) John becoming John Connor. They were doing a very decent job of that in season 2, especially in the second half when things redeemed themselves from the mediocre first half. I recall especially when he confronted Riley, and latter Jesse (do I recall that right?).

2) A love triangle between John Connor, Alison (Young?) and Savannah Weaver. I thought Josh Friedman did a pretty good job with the love stories. Tnhey weren't soap operas that took over the show like on certain other science fiction stories, but they were deep, interesting and attracted my attention - like Sarah and Charley, and Derek and Jesse.

As of now, I hold that this series is a great tragedy of television history. I think it's as good as Firefly and Crusade. I hope one day such high-concept, high-sophistication TV becomes more popular.

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