Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wall Street Vanity License Plates

Images below are taken from Andrew Sorkin's blog.

They're apparently owned by Robert Kindler, a vice chairman of Morgan Stanley.

Palin supporters

A funny video of Sarah Palin supporters.

I got it from this blog post by Matt Taibbi, which is the best analysis I've read:
Taibbi on Palin

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

List and Comments: "Magic Lust" Episodes in Smallville

This list is for reference purposes and I expect to be updating this page with edits several times. I used to think there were only 3 such cases in SV, with Desiree Atkins, Simone and Maxima, but rewatching it I realize there have been many more. I'm not done rewatching :-)

Huxley vs Orwell

This one is very funny, albeit very one-sided in my opinion. It makes Orwell look completely incorrect, I think he deserves more credit.

Click on the image to view it without the right part cut off.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bookkeeping: Links to Tribune, CUPJ articles

Put out for personal bookkeeping purposes.

As of now, my non-academic "publications" are made up entirely of the CUPJ and the McGill Tribune. I'm proud of each of the CUPJ pieces, though there's more diversity in the Tribune articles, naturally, since there's 30 of them. For the more interesting ones, I add comments in bold and in brackets. I couldn't find some of the Tribune articles, such as the 2nd and 3rd conservative leadership race articles. There are probably some other less interesting Tribune articles missing, but if I don't remember them ...

Also missing are the two McGill Daily columns I wrote on facebook, and the the pieces I wrote for the Champlain Edge. I'd show the former but maybe not the latter :P