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List and Comments: "Magic Lust" Episodes in Smallville

This list is for reference purposes and I expect to be updating this page with edits several times. I used to think there were only 3 such cases in SV, with Desiree Atkins, Simone and Maxima, but rewatching it I realize there have been many more. I'm not done rewatching :-)

Episode 1.14, "Nicodemus"

Episode 2.2, "Heat"
We discover Clark's heat vision, so Desiree Atkins does start off having an effect on Clark but it doesn't keep up. They choose for this meteor freak not to affect Clark. Would distract from the sense his feelings for Lana are strong. Jonathan and Lex are affected though. In hindsight this is Lex's first failed marriage, this will happen to him a few times in the series. No woman ever loves him.

Episode 2.4, "Red"
Clark meets red kryptonite for the first time. Without his inhibitions we see him go after Lana for the first time, however, surprisingly, he drops her pretty quick.

Episode 2.14, "Rush"
Clark almost has sex with Chloe on the red meteor rock. He left Lana pretty quickly... again.

Episodes 3.1 & 3.2, "Exile", "Phoenix"
Clark, on red-k, goes for a bunch of girls, but doesn't stick with any of them, he just doesn't like them much as he prefers Lana. He didn't really give Chloe the time of day when she visited, but he does for Lana.

Episode 3.4, "Slumber"
In Clark's dreams, he goes skinny dipping with Lana. She's real thrilled when she finds out, taunting him, with a massive smirk on her face.

Episode 3.6, "Relic"
Jor-El and Lana's great aunt look just like Clark and Lana, and they had a similar relationship. As with Lana, her great-aunt had the attention of just about every man, including Lex's grandfather, and random crazy men who tried to kill her. Ostensibly an episode about different people - we do learn how human Jor-El was - it can also be seen as another retro episode, they could be Clark, Lana and Lex had Smallville been filmed 50 years prior, indeed they use the same actors.

Episode 3.7, "Magnetic"
Lana is easily swayed to love the guy with the magnetic meteor ability, and she almost kills Clark trying to get rid of him. At the end, she feels bad, and tells Clark she trusts him more now.

Episode 3.19, "Memoria"
Clark's most repressed memory? His mother Lara.

Episode 4.1, "Crusade"
Clark, in a pure and true state, is found by Lois. The first moment between them has some sexual tension entirely at her end. What we see about Clark is his trust in Lois and comfort with her.

Episode 4.4, "Devoted"
The cheerleaders mix green kryptonite with a love molecule, and convince the football squad it must be Green gatorade or something. Clark is unaffected, as this wouldn't be useful, he still nominally loves Lana at this point but the writers are trying to introduce and foreshadow his future love for Lois. When she realizes he took some fluid, she thinks he might be infected, and she looks at him with a naughty smile for a moment, obviously hoping she could wrap him around her finger for a bit. Later on, Clark fakes it with a cheerleader, where he's very awkward and tells Lois to hurry. We see that as horny as he may be, when he's not interested in a girl, he's really not interested. Jason Teague is affected, and he almost kills Clark. Chloe's affected, we see she still loves Clark, she drops everything to cheer for him. Later on she almost kills Lois. Chloe, the smartest person on the show, immediately sees the sparks between them, as Lana did a few episodes back.

Episode 4.10, "Scare",
A LuthorCorp experiment goes into the water in Smallville and infects people. They start imagining their biggest fear. Clark's biggest fear? Lana rejects him upon learning his secret, blaming him for the havoc in Smallville including the death of her parents.

Episodes 4.11 & 4.12, "Unsafe", "Pariah"
Alicia Barker is back for two episodes. He likes it with her. He likes the honest. When she puts him on red kryptonite, he goes nuts, marries her, and they're about to have sex.

Episode 4.17, "Onyx"
Lex is split into two due to black kryptonite. One thing his evil half does is demand Lana be with him, and he uses blackmail. Possibly the first explicit confirmation that Lex loves Lana.

Episode 4.18, "Spirit"
When a dead prom queen possesses Lois and makes her dress hot, Clark agrees to go to the prom with her, he's willing, even though before he was anti-prom.

Episode 4.19, "Blank"
Clark falls for Lana again, even without his powers, Chloe learns about his premature ejaculation when he sees Lana. He tells her "this time it will be different" when he's without memories, and says the same thing when he gets his memories back after, though not remembering the previous 24 hours. With Lois, he says to her in one scene "I think we don't like each other" or something like that, demonstrating his lack of emotional acuity. She looks sad following the comment. She's starting to like him.

Episode 5.2, "Normal"
Without his powers, Clark pursues a normal and very happy relationship with Lana. It's probably the most beautiful and heartwarming Clana we'll ever see on the series, out of 7 years their best time comes when they're both normal and she has no idea anything is amiss. They have sex for the first time either in this episode or the next in Lana's apartment, they could not do it in his farmhouse earlier due to a lack of privacy. It's the first time for both of them.

Episode 5.4, "Aqua"
Superpowered Aqua man rescues Lois and they have a brief romance that foreshadows her future romance with Clark.

Episode 5.5, "Thirst"
Buffy the Vampire spoof. Lana turns into a vampire, she discards Clark at first but then she wants him. The only thing she remembers of the whole ordeal is the fundamental good she felt when she bit him.

Episode 5.7, "Splinter"
Exposed to silver kryptonite, Clark grows paranoid. The last person he loses trust in is Lana, though he eventually almost kills her, and it seems he would have killed her had it not been for Brainiac's intervention. His greatest paranoia about Lex is about Lex stealing Lana.

Episode 5.9, "Lexmas"
The good future for Lex, revealed to him by premonition, is of a simple life with Lana. There's also some hidden homoerotic subtext with Clark. Lex's idea of a perfect life has him being Clark in a way. He even lives in a yellow house, like Clark lives in. Clark and Chloe are friends to Lex and Lana the way Chloe is Clark's friend... outsiders, platonic from Lexana's end, but lustfully covetous from Chlark's end. Lex rejects this "perfect future" because of the one thing he doesn't have in it, power.

Episode 5.12, "Reckoning"
Clark tries to live a happy, perfect life with Lana. He takes her to the fortress and proposes to her, following events in previous episodes where they were growing apart. She ends up dying, they cannot be together. Clark reverses time back and then Jonathan dies. Lana ends up going closer to Lex, exactly what Clark was trying to avoid. This was the other consequence of the episode.

Episode 5.16, "Hypnotice"
Simone's seduction powers have absolutely no problem controlling Clark this time. He breaks his relationship with Lana with little concern. This is a strong contrast to both "Heat" in season 2 and "Instinct" in season 8.

Episode 6.12, "Labyrinth",
A plagiarism of the season 6 Buffy episode "Normal Again", Clark ends up in a dreamworld where he has no powers, he was only imagining them, and because of that he's in a mental institution. In a way it's his fantasy world as he's normal. He also loves Lana in this world, and she loves him, and is willing to be with him.

Episode 6.13, "Crimson",
Lois puts on red-kryptonite lipstick, kisses Clark and he goes nuts. He's very affectionate with her, he goes out of his way to impress her, he wants her approval as a full-superpowered man. He then switches to Lana-gear at the engagement party, with a hilarious scene where he gives Lex a baby toy. Even without his inhibitions, he goes after Lana over Lois, with some hesitation when he says "This is the present" following Lois saying "Lana's your past, I'm your future". He doesn't behave as warmly with Lana as he did with Lois, indicating his choice may be due to a lack of emotional acuity. However, he *is* learning, since this time he hesitated and acknowledged the idea by saying "This is the present". The present is fleeting.

Episode 6.20, "Noir",
Not sure if this one was meant to show the same relationships in an alternate setting, like "Relic" was. They did use the same historical period as Relic, interestingly the period when Superman was first starting as a comic book. I found the episode too boring to pay too careful attention.

Episode 7.1, "Bizarro"
Bizarro is attracted to Lois at first sight. Meanwhile, Lex meets Kara in exactly the same way he met Clark. His homoerotic obssession with Clark continues as he now wants Kara, the same way he wanted Lana.

Episode 7.7, "Wrath"
Lana is temporarily as superpowered as Clark. They have sex again, we get a broken bed and some earthquakes.

Episode 7.10, "Persona"
Bizarro and Lana are quite happy together. She doesn't notice, and tells him he's more affectionate than he's ever been. We meet Dax-Ur, another kryptonian, who used blue kryptonite to try and live a life of normalcy, with love and family.

Episode 7.18, "Apocalypse"
Alternate reality. Chloe and Lana are happilly married. When he meets Lois, he saves her, holding her in a classic iconographic position. She's possessive of him, saying something along the lines of "My very own meteor freak". Meanwhile, Kara seemingly loves Lex in this universe, though he does not love her.

Episode 8.4, "Instinct"
Maxima arrives on Earth, she seduces Clark at first with ease, but then when she asks him to leave Lois her affect wears off. His love for Lois is tronger than her powers.

Episode 8.5, "Committed"
Due to a powerful lie detector and an armed crazy man, Lois admits she loves Clark.

Episode 8.8, "Bloodline"
Clark and Lois go to the phantom zone. He's very protective of her there, and she trusts him in that scary place, they work together to try and get out, rescuing Kara in the process. Faora briefly inhabits Lois' body, and sees that Kal-El is attracted to Lois.

Episode 8.9, "Abyss"
Chloe begins forgetting everyone... except Davis. They come closer together.

Episode 8.10, "Bride"
Doomsday crashes Chloe's wedding, to get Chloe, he says her name which might be the only time we hear Doomsday speak, and the only time we see Davis in Doomsday... his love for her goes across metamophoses.

Episodes 8.13 & 8.14, "Power" and "Requiem"
Lana gets powers, and as Clark's equal, they briefly come together until she is imbued with green kryptonite.

Episode 8.15, "Infamous"
This episode is the Clois version of Requiem. Clark has Lois write an article on him due to threats by Linda Lake. She trusts him and accepts him immediately, and we get her reasoning. Later on he has to turn back time, he tells Lois the reason she won't know is "Because she is special". When time is reversed and then changed, a rift between Chloe and Davis is prevented, in the same manner that a Lexana rift was prevented in Requiem.

Episode 8.17, "Hex",
Chloe gets Lois' body, and Clark loses his memories of being superpowered. We see signs of Clark loving Lois, for example Chloe pointing out it's weird to have him look at her that way.

Episode 9.4, "Echo"
Hearing other people's thoughts, Clark learns more about Lois' feelings for him, and asks her out.

Episode 9.7, "Kandor"
Through Flashbacks, we learn of Zod's past, and the death of his wife and child, and Jor-El's refusal to clone them. Implied: this was the beginning of Zod's turn to evil.

Episode 9.8, "Idol"
Lois kisses Clark at the end, when he's wearing glasses, she gets some of her memories back and faints. The trauma was likely seeing Clark weak.

Episode 9.9, "Pandora"
Alternate future. We hear from alternate Clark talking to Lois, "I'm stronger with you than without you". Lois and Clark start dating at the end.

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