Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DVD Sales Charts, November 1st


I guess that link will become outdated eventually, it's the data for the week ending in November 1st.

I'm dissapointed to see Galactica: The Plan grossed only ~$3 million. Unless it has long staying power somehow, or the numbers are somehow wrong or it does very well overseas, this will not produce much profit for the studio and thus we can't expect many additional direct to DVD TV movies in the BSG universe. Perhaps that is for the best however as there is a risk of tarnishing the series.

I'm amazed by Transformers, 155 million cumulative for the second movie and 280 million for the first movie. This says a few things, one of them is that science fiction is not necessarily a money loser (each successful example counts!) the other is that movies still dominate over tv shows in DVD sales. The first 6 spots are all theatrical movies, and the top thing with the word "season" in it is the last season of the L word, which is in 30th place with a weekly gross of 1.3 million.

Even Twilight has fewer receipts than Transformers, 168 million or so from Twilight.

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